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Carlos Carvalho

I was born and spent my first nine years in Mozambique, and some of my early memories are of tropical lushness, stark contrasts, sea and sand, the sweet fragrance of frangipani blossoms, warm sunshine out of an intensely blue sky, the delicious smells of ripe fruit, tropical thunderstorms, and the strong colours and bold designs that the friendly people of that country are so fond of. My mother was an artist and she reflected in her paintings the elements that defined the place as I remembered it, thereby awaking my awareness so early on in my formative years.

We moved to Zimbabwe where I finished my schooling, and since then I have lived in South Africa. In the last few years I have been dividing my time between South Africa and Europe (mostly Portugal).

For many years I painted as a hobby. In 1988 I plunged into my artistic career full time. Initially I divided my time between painting and sculpting, and writing and illustrating comics and cartoons. The comics gradually became my most important work until, in 1998,I decided to dedicate my time fully to fine art.

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The Artist

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